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What is zero-fee credit card processing?

Zero fee credit card processing is a no-fee payment program where a business owner wisely offsets their cost of processing by offering a cash and a credit price to their customers. This means the cost of paying by credit is slightly higher to cover your cost of processing. This is the fastest growing program throughout the country, as it provides the business owner with the opportunity to cover their processing overhead, while still maintaining their low prices. This is the cheapest and best credit card processing solution that will eliminate up to 100% of your credit card processing fees.

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Why choose our cash discount program

Cash Discounting is fully compliant with federal and state laws

The Durbin Amendment does not allow any payment card network to inhibit a merchant’s ability to implement a cash discount.

The U.S. has the highest interchange rates

U.S. interchange rates are unregulated, allowing payment card networks (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) to charge what they want at any time. Interchange fes will continue to increase to the merchant.

Avoid junk fees and all other miscellaneous fees

Junk fees are just one example of a junk fee charged by your traditional credit card processor.

Removing minimum credit or debit card signs

Cash Discounting removes the need to display a minimum debit or credit card sales sign.

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