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Take home 100% of your credit card transactions

Get rid of your credit card processing fees and keep 100% of your revenue

Our state of the art equipment lets you keep all of your revenue by eliminating your credit and debit card processing fees by passing the fees onto the customer. A Non-Cash Adjustment is automatically programmed in our payment-ready systems for each transaction made using a credit or debit card. The Non-Cash Adjustment covers your interchange costs, authorization costs, credit transaction costs, and merchant support.

Why Join Our Cash Discount Platform?

cash discount merchant

Keep 100% of Your Sales

PMPUS enables you to keep your entire profit by eliminating your credit and debit card processing fees by passing the fees to the customer. With each transaction, a Non-Cash charge is assessed in which a credit or debit card was used.

eliminate credit and debit card processing fees

Reward Customers Paying With Cash

Your customers are not forced to pay a convenience fee or surcharge, rather they are rewarded with a lower cost by paying with cash or check.
No fee credit card processing for businesses

Accept All Credit Card Brands

No matter what type of business you have, you need to be able to accept credit card payments from your customers. With PMP, accepting any type of payments is simple – from in-store credit card swipes to online payments.

Our Mission Statement

PMP’s mission is to empower merchants with the technology and ability to pass their credit card processing fees along to the customer by implementing a 3.9% non-cash adjustment to all who pay with credit/debit cards. As PMP merchant, you have access to a suite of the newest POS systems and terminals that will allow you to take payments anywhere on-the-go, making your job and your customer’s life easier. Being able to accept payments at any given time opens your business up to a new world of opportunities and profitability.

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